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The Meaning of Colours :

We lead our life in colour. Nature surrounding us offers us the full spectrum of colours, in all shades including those of the rainbow. Colours influence our spirits and have an effect on our body. They have healing properties.
When used in decoration they enable us to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Le Clos Saint Paul residence Holiday Appartment 3*

« How best to offer hotel services whilst keeping the advantages of a villa-based stay ?
We came up with the idea of apartments conceived as coloured suites within a white residence. Services inspired by your holiday notebook, wellbeing interiors ...

Le Clos Saint Paul reveals itself… and welcomes you ... »

Meaning of white

A synthesis of all colours, pure white is light itself. Symbol of absolute neutrality which is the meeting point for all colours, representation of purity and brightness, white is timeless.
Colour of peace and purification, white is used for its healing properties that relieve depressive disorders or act as a remedy for fever.

Modern and understated interiors, each apartment has been decorated with care and individualized by one of the specially chosen seven colours.

A la Carte Services :

- Market gardener’s organic basket
- first local breakfast kit
- Hairdresser service
- Sports Coach
- Professional masseuse
- Masseuse professionnelle

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